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Sleep Better & Reduce Anxiety with Miran Weighted Blanket

Glass micro-beads. Gridded stitching. Soft, plush mink cover. Miran Blanket is the premium therapeutic weighted blanket.

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We want to help you sleep better

Surveys show that 8 in 10 Americans have trouble falling asleep at least one night a week.

That's why we designed the Miran Blanket: a premium grade, therapeutic weighted blanket that applies deep pressure stimulation to your body, helping you to reduce stress and anxiety and sleep more deeply.

Our weighted blanket is the perfect solution for your busy, high-stress lifestyle.

The Benefits

The Science

The perfect weighted blanket for you

Weighted Just Right

Miran Blanket measures 60" x 80" and is available in three weight options: 15, 20, and 25 pounds. For best results, we recommend picking a weighted blanket that is equivalent to at least 10% of your body weight.

Finer Beads

Miran Blanket uses premium glass micro-beads coated with a polyester padding. Compared to plastic pellets used in other weighted blankets, our glass micro-beads give your Miran Blanket a smoother overall texture.

Softer Touch

Each blanket comes with our signature soft, premium minky cover - designed with your comfort in mind.

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Miran Weighted Blanket
Miran Weighted Blanket
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Miran Pillow Mist
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