What are the shipping rates and shipping times?

We offer FREE shipping on all orders, and expedited shipping time which typically take 2-4 days from ordering to having the product at your door.

What are the dimensions of the Miran Blanket?

Miran Blanket comes in both adult and kid sizes. The adult blanket measures 60" x 80" and weighs 20lb. The kid blanket is 36" x 48" and weighs 7lb.


What is used for weight inside the blanket?

Miran Blanket use premium glass microbeads coated with a polyester padding. The small beads have the texture of fine sand, and can give weight without the added volume. Compared to plastic pellets, which are the traditional filling option, glass microbeads are not as bulky and give Miran Blanket a smoother overall texture.

The microbeads are pocketed into 6" squares like a premium comforter, minimizing the possibility of bunching up in certain areas.


Is the blanket machine washable?
For the adult weighted blanket, the cover is removable and should be machine washed inside-out on low and line dried. If you need to clean the weighted blanket itself without the cover, we recommend washing by hand and drying flat. Do so only when necessary.


Will this make me feel hot in the middle of the night? How is the heat distribution?
The use of glass microbeads make Miran Blanket more breathable than other weighted blankets in the market. If you’re extremely heat-sensitive, however, you may simply remove the warm cover so you can use your blanket and still stay cool even during the hot summer months.


What if I want to share the Miran Blanket with my partner?
Our adult blanket is big enough for two people, although you may find that you want another one. We recommend trying one first - you will know if another blanket wil be needed.